Is it possible to send TD workouts to Tacx Desktop App?

I would like to know which options there are to ride Trainer Day workouts on a Tacx Neo 2T besides using the Trainer Day App or the download and import option with Zwift. Especially whether it is possible to send workouts (maybe even directly) to the Tacx Desktop App.

I love to recommend Trainerday/ App to our customers (I am working for a large bike shop retail chain in Germany and we sell a lot of Tacx trainers these days…) and some of them came up with this question recently (Tacx/ Garmin linkage). I could not come up with a solution.

I know how to send Trainer Day workouts to “Garmin Connect” but I could not get the workout to the Tacx Neo 2T device… by using “Garmin Express”.

Thanks for your help, cheers from Germany, Klaus.

I misunderstood your question initially. Thank you so much!!! If you guys want to provide your customers a discount option or something I am happy to discuss options.

There are only three automatic options.

  1. Send to our app
    2 Send to TrainingPeaks. Once you send to TrainingPeaks they will automatically distribute to many platforms including Zwift and TrainerRoad. Even the free TP will do this but you must send the workout each day.
  2. Send to Garmin

Everything else requires a file download. Free options are GoldenCheetah and ERGvideo. I don’t know of anyway to get them into the Tacx training app although I have good connections there and could discuss integration with them. If you represent a large bike dealer in Germany the two of us together might have more power to make that happen :slight_smile:

There are many reasons your customers may prefer many of the other training apps over ours but I would love to hear any reasons if you hear any… We don’t expect everyone to want to use our training app as there are so many good options out there, especially if price is less of a concern.