Is there a reason not to graph cadence?

coming from another App, I’m missing the cadence graphing - is there a reason not to graph cadence along with power and heart rate?

I found it useful to see the time periods where I pedal standing and sitting - as I pedal faster whilst sitting.


Hi ex-other app user :slight_smile: We generally try to focus on what is the core essentials and keep costs down so we don’t really add things that we don’t feel the majority of users might want. So I am happy to leave this as a request. I would say also we don’t feel it’s so important to put a big stress on cadence on a daily basis but realize that is a personal choice.

Thanks for the reply - that’s al fair enough - I’m just a bit of a graph-nerd - but I suspect I can export to and check it out there.

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Yes connect to strava/dropbox and it will auto-import to intervals.

Sorry I should point out if you go to our details page in our website you also see it, and if you are asking to add it to our history in our app, that is something I am much more open to. I just did not want to add it to the real-time view, which is what I thought you were asking for.

A very interesting proposal. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1: