Is there a way to make specific days of week correspond to specific training goals?

I have tuned a training plan of sorts that works well for me that is Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday 60-90 min endurance or SST rides and Monday/Wednesday/Friday 30 min HIIT style rides. I was previously doing this with “TrainNow” on the TrainerRoad platform, and now similarly with the Xert platform. But I’ve now switched to TrainerDay to try it out. However, in my initial go I can’t quite see a way to build a plan in this way.

What would be the easiest way to set something like this up?

I attempted a Coach Jack plan and setting daily limits, but it ends up throwing in recovery days on the days I want HIIT.

Build two plans and sync them both to your calendar. Just do 3 days not in a row in the first plan then add another plan without days in a row. Then you won’t get recovery.


Perfect, thanks for the response. I’ll give that a go

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Ps I went Zwift > TR > Xert > built TD sounds like similar path to you currently.

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Ha I started at Zwift too actually but their training plans aren’t even really worth talking about :grimacing:

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Figured it’s easier to just ask here then create a new thread. But if I wanted to sync my training plan to intervals, but also have it sent to Garmin. Do I just need to first sync the built plan(s) with " SYNCHRONIZE TO CALENDAR" for the Garmin calendar and then do it again as " SEND TO MY PLANS" for intervals?

Sure asking is no problem. There is a few different options here. We really need to build this calendar sync process with intervals, hopefully that will be soon. I think that would be best. Yes, for now you need to also send CJ to my plans to send it to intervals. My developer that works on this stuff is finally getting freed up so maybe he can do this intervals sync soon.

For what it is worth, I sync my plan to Intervals and then have intervals sync to Garmin.

Yes this is fine solution as long as you don’t mind losing the ability to have simple re-edits of a Coach Jack plan.

Alex, now that you mention that, I think I misspoke. I was planning to do that, but recalled the consequence that you mentioned. I checked and I actually have Intervals looking at Trainer Day’s calendar.

Does that make sense and am I correct that I can still make the re-edits in Coach Jack?

No, you must have sent it there but hopefully we will get this sync done soon so you can re-edit in Jack.

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That makes sense. I think I recall a suggestion to send maybe just one week at a time so that you could at least edit the plan for the next week and so forth if you want.

It would be nice to be able to decide for myself which days I want to be the intensity days and have one custom plan. As I’m building my rides around a triathlon program and club sessions it would be good to have control. A tickbox on the custom length page to say intensity day would be great

We never put 2 intensity days in a row, but if you create a custom plan you can decide which days are intensity days. See below. All jack plans are created by 3 core workouts. You can select the same sequences on this page but change the order. Let me know if that is what you need.

H Alex, no I don’t think that works as I want to put 2 intensity days in a row.

Ideally i want Mon easy, Tues easy, weds Intensity, Thursday intensity, Friday easy, Sunday long ride(seems to be classed as Intensity in custom option).

Ok yes. So you can create multiple jack plans and push them to your calendar and it will work but yes we should allow this in the custom options. “Disable automatic recovery days.” For example.

Alex I am currently getting back on the bike after another dose of Covid. Hours at the start was 3 hours with a ramp rate of 1.5 over 3 days. That bit is working well

I now want to build in a bonus training day where I will only ever do a 30 min session. Ideally this 30 min session would be at the right intensity for the week. I can’t seem to figure it how to do that. Any ideas

I don’t know what you mean by the right intensity. You can either create a second CJ plan and sync it to your calendar and it only has 1 day in it with a daily limit of 30 minutes. Once the workout sequences get to a certain limit they don’t all fit within 30 minutes though.

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