Issue when exporting plan with more than 9 weeks

Hi, I’m having an issue when exporting my plan.
It seems that when downloading my plan, something goes wrong after week 9.


  1. Navigate to plan:
  2. Actions > Download for Calendar > Select ZWO > Download
  3. Extract .zip file


  • Weeks 1-9 appear as expected (eg: W09D1)
  • Week 10 day 1 becomes W9D1
  • Week 11 day 1 becomes W10D1
  • Week 12 day 1 becomes W11D1

It’s not too big of a problem, other than I now have two “week 9’s”, one W09 and the other W9. Unfortunately Zwift puts them out of order, and W9 comes after W11.

Strange. We will research this but since you suggest it is not critical at this moment we will look after the holidays.

Thanks Alex. Happy holidays!

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