Issue with interval time (too fast) after modifying workout on

Dear all,

Something strange happened to me today when doing a workout: the time was going too fast, the seconds were not lasting an actual second and sometimes the app was even skipping some.

Here is what I did:

  • Create plan with Coach Jack
  • Send to
  • Manually edit the workout of the day (HIIT) from 20s/40s to 30s/30s (coz I like to suffer)
  • Do the workout in the app

Then during the workout the actual line that is superimposed to the target chart at the bottom was completely off (lagging behind) and the time was elapsing too fast. 30sec was mentioned as a target but it was probably 20. Very strange.

Is it because I did edit the workout ?


No. This is a device performance problem. What phone and other devices are you using?

Ok, here is what I use:

Tacx Flux S Smart T2900S
Xiaomi Redmi 9 on Android 10 QP1A.190711.020

Oh yes I think this is a problem with the performance of our app related to your phone. If you phone has something extra going on it affects the way our internal timer works. In the technology we use there is no way to do something every 1-second exactly so we have to make very small micro adjustments which are usually not noticable and don’t affect your workout at all.

We used to have this happen a lot but we improved performance and our code so now it rarely happens and only on slower devices. In does not actually affect the results of your workout but I know it is not fun to see. If normally your phone works fine then just restarting your phone should resolve it. You could try killing other apps running in the background as well. Not sure how Android works but iOS can slow down your phone if your battery gets low.

Did you ever see this again?

Nope, not that I noticed at least. I did again a 30/30s workout yesterday, modified on intervals first, and no issues!

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