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Hi Alex & team,

Question, I’ve started using Join to plan my workouts and keep track of my fitness level. As Join is only a platform that creates workouts and can’t be used to actually ride them, I’m trying to figure out how I can easily ride them on Trainerday (paid account).

I see several options, as in the Join app I can export workouts to:

  • Trainingpeaks calendar
  • fit. file
  • .zwo file

I can of course just download the .fit/.zwo and import it into trainerday as a workout and can then ride it on the app. But I’m looking for a more convenient way.

If I can get this workout into my trainingpeaks calendar for today, is there a way to then sync with Trainerday so that it also becomes available in the Calendar there? And would then be able to ride it in the Trainerday app? So without the manual import of the workout?

Looks like Join works with TrainingPeaks (I assume that means can sync your workouts there?)

So you would need
Join Premium
TrainingPeaks Premium
TrainerDay Premium (Turn on TP WOD feature in our apps and devices)
and everything would work like you want it to.

I could talk to join about a direct integration to simplify this.

Hi, would a Trainingpeaks premium account be necessary? As I won’t use this at all. It would just be a necessary ‘step’ to get my workout from Join to TrainerDay… And yes, I can now sync my daily Join workout to TrainingPeaks Calendar Today.

If I would use the non-premium Trainingpeaks, and use premium Join and Premium Trainerday. And I would manually sync my daily workout from Join to Trainingpeaks, and then manually sync Trainerday daily in the app. Would I then be able to do the workout in Trainerday? I assume I need to enable both the ‘Workout of the Day (WOD)’ and the ‘Calendar Sync’ settings under the trainingpeaks connection under Apps & Devices?

A direct integration between TrainerDay and Join would of course in my case be the best solution! That would be great! I guess more Join users would be helped in this way…

You would have to test it. I don’t know how Join does this. If join will put your todays workout on your TP calendar then you can see the workout in our app. No you don’t need calendar sync. I should make that more clear. I just sent join an email. :slight_smile:

Alright!! Thanks a lot!

Will give it a try on wednesday and let you know :slightly_smiling_face:

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Was able to already test it! :slightly_smiling_face:

So I now have a premium account TrainerDay & Join.
I synced my workout to Trainingpeaks, and it is in my trainingpeaks calendar for today.
When opening TrainerDay and hitting the refresh button, it didn’t sync my existing workout in TrainingPeaks. I tried multiple times.

Then I tried deleting my workout in TrainingPeaks, and resending it from Join.
This worked! :smiley: It immediately was visible in Trainerday after a refresh! Great! It seems already existing workouts aren’t synced.

Already existing should be synced too. Not sure why this would occur. Glad it worked!!!