Jumping straight to Cool Down

I’m sure we’ve all been there. We start a training session and you either run low on time or your legs give up mid session and you want to cool down before finishing the session. Rather than tapping the ‘skip interval’ button endlessly to get to the end of a workout’s cool down section, it would be a great feature that jumps to the last ‘interval’ which is usually the cool down interval.

Basically a coo down button/feature that either jumps to the last cool-down interval or to some default cool-down workout.

This is a great idea. Meaning I need this button all the time :slight_smile: I will have to think on this though, the problem is I hate adding anything to the UI. Maybe just a long hold on the skip button for example.

Long hold on the skip makes sense if you want to keep the UI nice and clean. I just like the idea of making quitting easier, haha

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Me too. Wife says ok in 5-minutes I need your help… Or kids are dad I need this NOW :slight_smile:

You are clearly in demand. #lifehappens