Kinetic trainer is not visible in devices (RESOLVED)

Hi, I have a Kinetic Road Machine 1 that I’ve successfully connected to other apps like Zwift, TrainerRoad, etc. When I try to look for the device from TrainerDay, it is not visible. Should this trainer be compatible? I believe it uses BLE. Thanks.

It appears your trainer is not being recognized as a smart trainer. You might need to update the firmware. You can see here it says it supports FTMS which our platform supports so it should work.

If you have an older trainer sometimes they don’t support the latest firmware. I believe someone told me their road machine is working with our app. For sure newer ones with FTMS will.

It should show a green bike like this.

@Alex - Thanks for the quick reply. I found out I have an older Kinetic trainer with the first gen InRide bluethooth device which doesn’t support FTMS. I ended up upgrading to newest gen device with ANT+ and Bluetooth FTMS support and all is good now.

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Great news. :sleeping: