Learning how to use Trainer Day

Hi Alex,

Have been using a coach jack program for approximately 2 1/2 weeks now and love it! I have acquired a smart spin 2K device that I use with my peloton bike(OG). I’m testing out several platforms to determine where I ultimately will land. Today I ran a trial with TrainerDay and SS 2K and noticed several spikes of power and heart rate. Not sure if it’s something I have set wrong in the TrainerDay app that caused this. I tested this workout in slope mode as I don’t like erg .

Can you please assist? Thanks!

Cool :slight_smile: spikes are strange. Those are so high you should have trouble pedaling. Are you feeling something like that or just seeing this?

Hi Alex. Once I went to slope mode, I didn’t have any issues peddling. In erg mode, I couldn’t pedal, Which led me to putting it in slope. It may have been a fluke on my ipad.

I did a recovery ride test using my Samsung phone and no spikes.