Letting Coach Jack know about your other physical activity

So far, I really like Coach Jack. What would be really great would be a feature that allows you to tell Jack which other days you typically do a different physical activity that is most likely to take a toll on your training capacity (e.g. heavy weight training).

Yes, exactly. We need this. I agree. Because we feel strength training is so beneficial to health, and longevity on the bike, that one is especially valuable.


Yes, same here. I commute 2 days a week by bike and it is 2x50min on those days so I see it as a (small) part of my training (zone 2). Now I had to tweak the plan myself to get something to work around those days.

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I’d love to see this in a future update as well!

Yes, agree with this. I’m on my first week with a CJ plan and would l like to be able to include workouts in the weekly load total. HOWEVER, how do we calculate load/TSS without a complicated calculation with weight/reps and time?

As we discussed in that other thread, I don’t think you can.

For me just monitoring my sleep quality tells me when I am pushing too hard, or drinking too much coffee… :slight_smile: You could make up some very simple estimate like

Big compound exercise leg day, like squats could be 100, medium could be 50, and short duration isolated smaller muscles 25 TSS. I am just kind of making up these numbers as there are so many variables but just something like this would probably be good enough. If you get super sore legs, back or posterior chain or believe you will be call it 200 :slight_smile:

Since strength training is anaerobic, I would say compared to aerobic training it’s probably 2X more stress on the body than as similar RPE in cycling. This stuff is all so inaccurate and always will be that you just need to throw some numbers in there to make it give you indicators when you might be doing too much, that usually backs up how you feel, sleep or HRV…

Yes I know Alex. I just put in manually my workout days then guestimate a TSS (probably way off).

I think that is as good as you will get other than maybe Whoop or Oura from a simplicy stand point. Garmin watch advice is so bad most of the time. Good hardware, bad advice :slight_smile:

Yes, I agree.

I’ve upvoted this. To keep things interesting I like to use weights, run and indoor row some days. It would be great to swap and change workouts occasionally.