Link TD to Intervals via DB


when I try to upload an activity via DropBox to Intervals, I can’t see the distance in km.
Can this be fixed?


FYI: All screenshots below are made from a TrainerDay TCX exported workout done this week.
The tcx file has distance per lap and a total distance field.

The distance per lap can be shown in Intervals on the interval data page. The total distance can be shown on the activity page when you select the entire workout. But the distance field in the summary does not display this because Intervals calculates that from GPS coordinates or displays the distance field embedded in a FIT file. For some reason, out of my knowledge, the distance field from a TCX file isn’t making it there. So this is not a TrainerDay issue but a lack of functionality in Intervals.

Raise a bug report in Intervals. But I’m afraid this will not get high priority. Distance for an indoor workout has no meaning at all.

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If someone turns on maps then we actually have GPS but to your point this seems to be an issue on the intervals side with importing TCX files. We have fit files too. Someone could test downloading our fit files from our website and uploading directly to intervals and see if that has distance.

looks like a swim workout :wink:

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Importing the FIT downloaded from the Trainerday activities gives the distance. No map available in the FIT.

Can the FIT be send too dropbox for automatic pickup by Intervals?

thank you. I am wondering the same. If TD can send fit files to intervals via DB

Yeah we could consider adding fit files to DB. Should not be too much work. The problem I can think now is that it would need to be in a seperate folder and I don’t want to move the current ones as that will break other people… I will think about this. I am sure there is some solution. We could have a flag, to choose which files to export to DB… Just complicates things slightly.

thank you. That would be great and avoid us to pass through Strava to get a complete activity in Intervals

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