Lower TSS in week 5? (Event based plan with week 5 is in second block)

Don’t know whether to create a separate thread but here goes.

Just starting week 2 of base. Going ahead on the planner I note that week 5 (start of 2nd block) has less stress than week 1 - this doesn’t seem right given it’s supposed to be progressive overload.

The 4th week of each block is always easier but I would then expect the following week to give more stress. Can anyone help? See attachments. Thanks, Dan.

is it because I appear to have 4 weeks of base before going into 8 weeks of build and 8 weeks of peak? Do I need to change intensity for the 2nd block of training? It’s set low for base because I’ve been off the bike for 8 weeks previously following a virus.

I moved this to a new topic. Now I see what it is. What it is, is we have independent blocks here. This gives more flexibility but also has more potential issues. The second block start hours should be more like 5 hours. Normally we automatically set the second block start hours appropriately but it’s possible in some cases it may need adjustments. We need to spend more time reviewing this, but in this case just increase the second one to 4-5 hours to start.

Fab, thank you. I’ll adjust it depending on the finishing hrs of block 2

I’m not sure if I’ve deleted future weeks from my plan builder now. If I have, can I create a plan without the base phase?

You have to try it. If you reduce the number of weeks to the event by enough weeks and you don’t say you are injured and you are training regularly now then it won’t give you base weeks. I think if it is less than 20 weeks it should create a plan without base plans. Eventually we probably need to let people adjust this because as you make changes to your plan as you go along you need to be able to adjust things.

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You might have to change your event date to a week or two earlier to remove the base but then when you push it to your calendar or use our app just start the plan a week or two later. The other option is move your event date farther in the future but then just remove the first weeks. But if you are using our app to drive the plan then you have to just skip forward in the plan.

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Forgive me but I’m just playing with future blocks and have noted that without changing anything else if I put in that I can only ride 2 days a week then the training stress is much higher than if I put in that I can train 3 days a week? What’s the rationale behind this? Is it because of the long let rest period that training just 2 days gives? My reality is that my ability to train will increase as I start to commute to 8 might actually ride 4-5 times a week

If you are riding 2 days a week you are probably not getting a Zone 2 ride, and 3 days a week you might be. If you remove that Zone 2 ride that will increase your TSS as the secondary work on your hard days is more intensity than your Zone 2 ride. It’s just the nature of the workouts not specifically on purpose. We don’t put so much enphasis on TSS and more one work and recovery although we do try to keep TSS reasonably correct. TSS is not a perfect metric but we see it as more of just a reference point and something to validate that things don’t look totally wrong.

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The other option would be to allow a person to set the start date retrospectively I guess.

I was thinking I needed to do that anyway so yes this is a good idea. Actually we are adding Edit Plan soon so that should solve it too.

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