Merging Workouts Q

I thought I would give this ago today and wanted to be sure how it would beforehand.

If you have created a workout with a block of work, and open this up whilst doing another workout, will it merge at that exact point, the end of the current interval, or at the end of the workout?

Hola, @potsiea1. When you’re merging a workout, the following happens: the app takes the next segments and replaces the remainder with new segments from the new workout.


You can try it yourself, just open the app and start a workout with no paired devices and it will simulate the workout. Then choose another workout and it will merge it.


In plain English: the workout you merge, starts at the end of the ongoing interval.
I’ve been using this a lot for several reasons. I start with a standard warm-up, which is a workout on it’s own. In the last step of the warmup, I decide what I will do. Usually I do what is planned, but if the warmup feels like calling for something else, I have the opportunity to deviate from the plan without the need to restart the whole thing. I have blocks like LIT, Over-Under, Sweetspot and append those after the warmup. Another advantage of these blocks is that it is easy to extend for example a LIT block with another LIT block. My LIT block is 30min with regular small changes in target power to avoid the boring super steady blocks. I’ll do 2 to 4 of those and then add the Cooldown block at any moment if I decide that it’s time to stop.
Workout design on the fly, superb functionality!


Thanks all!

Also when it appends to the end of the current interval, you can just press skip forward and you will be on the block you merged immediately.

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I did a merge yesterday, adding a HR controlled block to a workout from Today. One quirk was that each time I extended that HR block, the power target immediately adjusted to the initial power target for the block

Yes this is part of the bug we still have. I think it is fixed now, need to test tomorrow and will be released this week.