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I created a workout that is mostly Zone 1, which should equate to a “Recovery” type workout, but the workout got tagged as a “Tempo” workout despite it being on Zone 3 (tempo) for only a short amount of time.

We use an algorythm based on the average of 1,000 riders (I worked with Mark at GoldenCheetah on this) to determine the ratio of different zones contributions, so in this case our algorythm determined that the tempo durations of the workout actually have the most impact on your ride. So you have enough tempo work there that actually it would not be considered a recovery ride for most riders. Now you as an individual it might but I would look at your HR distrobution and typically for it to be considered recovery your HR should stay in Zone 1 HR or the bottom of HR Zone 2 (staying 95% in Z1 power). But actual recovery is dependent on the specific rider but still I don’t think for most riders this would not be enhance recovery and most coaches would not call this recovery.

I know our algorithm is not perfect but so far it seems good to us (and only a few times has anyone said anything out of 100k + workouts). If you are 100% sure I am (or this is) wrong I could bring this up to some great coaches I know and see if they agree with you (I/we make mistakes too :slight_smile: . Let me know if my explination seems reasonable. We call it “dominant zone” meaning dominant effect, not dominant time.

As an example if you do 1 minute at 200% and 5 minutes at 100% this would still not be a threshold workout because 1 minute at 200% would be much harder and have much more impact on the workout.

That makes sense.

However, what’s weird is that, when I took an existing recovery ride (Trainer Day - Workout: Recovery session (tss50)) and made a copy of it for my workout library, without making any changes it was categorized as an “Endurance” ride (Trainer Day - Workout: Recovery session (tss50) - Copy).

Both workouts are exactly the same, but they ended up with different workout categories.

BTW, really do appreciate all the quick responses to posts on this forum. It’s nice to see a company listen and engage with their customers.

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That sounds strange, I know how it could happen but can you send me links to both workouts to confirm?

The links to both workouts are in my previous reply… Message #3

Oops sorry, I was on my phone and missed your previous response. Yes I can see that first workout was created back in 2019 (early in our history). We changed our logic (fixed a bug actually) some time after that but did not re-calculate all the old workouts. Now I just went in as an admin and re-saved that workout and now it is Endurance also. And you are very welcome for the response. Engaging and learning from customers is super fun for me :slight_smile: Please don’t hesitate to ask any thing here. I learn more from you guys then you can imagine.