Missing Coach Jack workouts in Zwift? (resolved)

Not sure whats going on but importing a workout plan into Zwift hides certain workouts. There should be a W01D02 Fard 75 which is in the Zwift workout folder but it’s missing. In fact all the WXXD02 are missing.

Strange, can you send me a link to your plan? We will test it.

Maybe something wrong with this? Notice the checksum is 0


I see the problem. Something is wrong with this second workout for example. Sorry about that. We will get this fixed ASAP (hopefully tomorrow).

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Thank you! Big fan of what you guys have made.

Thank you, thank you. :slight_smile: All the appreciation and user support and ideas we get just makes this incredibly fun.

Just tried redownloading and checking Zwift, seems to be missing.

My developer partially fixed on Friday but it only worked for new plans. Today he fixed it so downloading existing plans has the fix in place. He did it before you posted this so it should have worked. I just tried it and I noticed that previously workout #2 did not show up and now it does. Which workout are you seeing as missing?

Works thanks! The D02 workouts were still missing so I made a new plan and bam, all good. Thank you very much!

Great to hear. Not sure why it did not work with download but happy you got it.