Mobile App + Elite Kura Trainer

I did not know where to post this and i hope this is the right spot.

I Have Elite Kura trainer. I tried adding devices through mobile app and all i get from Kura trainer is speed & cadence sensor but no power readings.

Do i have to wait for improvements to the app or can i do something to fix my issue :slight_smile: ?


Hello there. It looks like Power should work but it will not control your trainer. Not sure why the power is not working. Do you have the latest firmware update?

Thank you for response.
I checked and i have the latest firmware on my Kura trainer.
I think the ANT+ update will make it work :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work

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You also must have a mobile device that supports Ant+ (Samsung phone or tablet or others)…

I know :slight_smile: I have some older Xiaomi phones that come with ANT+ and that I have used with Trainerroad.

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Just an update.
I tried my Elite Kura trainer with Xert app and it also only finds/displays speed & cadence (no power).

It’s strange. Really it says your device supports BLE PWR but it appears it does not. Yeah, Ant+ is still going slow, waiting on a volunteer programmer. He keeps making weeking progress though. We need to do most of the work once he gets some example code working.