Mobile App wrong Watts with BikeErg


New user and interested in premium. However after downloading the app and using for the first time with BikeErg I noticed the Watts being displayed is wrong and around 50~60 more on the watt. The RPM seemed fine but Time was another factor, it didn’t pick up brief pause.

We have a setting called double power, do you have this turned on?

Hey Alex. Not that I aware of, literally default app settings.

Power smoothing 0s
Power Match off

See the second option below. Make sure it is off.

Sure. I have checked other options and I can confirm the setting is already off.

Ok are you using Android or iOS? I have another guy that has BikeErg that we can test with. I was fairly sure he tested it and said it works ok but it appears there is an issue. If you have Android and want to test with my developer we could get this resolved quickly but I think my other guy will do it no problem too.

I just asked him to check if it works correctly for him. I will let you know what he says.

Thank you for taking to the time to support.

I can confirm I was using IPad Pro on latest IOS. Unfortunately, don’t have any android to counter-test…

Thanks, no problem. We will figure out how to fix this.

Hi Alex.

I tried another little test, and it seemed a bit more responsive / accurate, which was very promising. I never changed anything, though?

The other issue I wanted to ask about was Concept2 LogBook. Normally I would connect to ErgData app which allows me to keep Logbook updated. But the hard part is not being able to connect to two apps. The IOS Device doesn’t support ANT+ so I can only connect via Bluetooth App Connection. So, very unsure how to easily get log onto concept2 without going to the extreme of using concept2 utility windows app and cable?


Logbook functionality is done, just waiting for final approval from C2 after I send them a new test. Should be next week.

Oops we have log book for Rower done. Need to do more for bike. I need to see, that should be easy I think.

Hi Alex, just wondering if any further update on concept 2 log hook integration with BikeErg. Thanks

I need to get busy. We have it working for C2 rower but I need to request them to turn it on after reviewing some test workouts. I am going on vacation now for 2-weeks but I will make it a priority when I get back.