More Metrics for App

Is it possible to have more metrics shown in the training app?
It would be helpful to have some more metrics such as KJ/calories, cadence, etc.

Hi, we try to keep things simple here as most of the people that want more metrics use other apps, Strava, Intervals, TrainingPeaks and many more. I have never been much into KJ/calories but that I do actually believe would be a very logical addition. When you say cadence do you specifically mean on the chart? We show the average now.

I mean during indoor training I use TrainerDay specifically and look at other metrics on training peaks after. It isn’t a huge deal but can be beneficial for fueling during workouts. I forgot that cadence is already there. Thanks Alex!

Please don’t make it a full-blown head-unit…
A lot of the initial users choose this app because of the simplicity. We (or at least I) just want an app to control the trainer following a carefully designed workout.


I don’t mean full blown head unit metrics with 12 data screens. I only use power, time, distance, hr and kjs outside. When doing intervals outside I do use the laps/lap time. I like seeing calories to know what/how much to consume.

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Yep, thanks Claude, our goal moving forward is making it more simple, so as we add things if it takes it away from this “simple/obvious focus” we will really try to evaluate how critical it is to training. If we can hide the complexity then maybe… but thanks for feedback. We do want to build out the broadcast screen to have more data fields so if it is important enough, someone will use their PC/mac to see the extra data that they need.

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I like calories/kj in general so I think adding it to extended broadcast screen makes sense.

Hi Alex - was this ever added? How do I access it?

I like to see total KJs burned while in the midst of a workout!

Hi for now we just added it to our broadcast page (enable in settings), where you can send your workout in real-time to a webpage. We do plan on adding more fields in the future to the app as well.