Moving/Deleting Workouts From a List

I’ve created over 20 workouts in a custom list and wanted that list to appear by default when I open Trainerday. It appears that the Favourite (Favs) list has to be the one that opens by default, so as I want to move all of the workouts back to the Favs list.
Please can you tell me the best way of doing that? I wondered if deleting a workout from a custom list simply moved it back to the Favs list or if it was deleted completely.
In Windows 10 - Firefox when you are editing a lot of workouts, each time you complete the edit, you are returned to the top of the list, so you have to scroll back down to where you left off - not the most troublesome issue in the world :wink: but it would be easier if you could return to the same place in the list. It would be WONDERFUL if you could open a workout in a new tab, leaving the main list open for the selection of the next workout you need to edit - could that be possible in the future?
Please Excuse me if I’ve asked too much in one question :slight_smile:
I use my workouts in RGT .
Kind regards and thank you in advance for any advice :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if this is a long term solution for you or what you’re asking, but is this different than right-clicking and opening the link in a new tab? (you can also click the scroll wheel while hovering over a workout and it will do the same)

Then you can open other workouts, and edit them in their own tab. When you refresh the original page, any adjustments you made on the other tabs will show

Actually it going to favorites each time is a bug created a while ago, it should rememember your last list.

You just have to go to each workout and click “add to favorites” should only take a minute for 20-workouts. But they will be in both lists at this point, so you could do add, then remove, takes 2-mintes. If you click remove from list and you created it will move it back to a list called “Created but not in list.” If fixing the bug above solves your problem I can get that prioritized right away.

I fully understand on edit location, let me think on that one what would be easiest, maybe just open in new tab is best. I do agree fully with the problem.

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Good idea Jeremy, two clicks rather than one, but still solves the problem.

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For sure, a couple years ago I got stuck in the habit of clicking the scroll wheel to open things in a new tab (or to close a tab – hover over tab and click scroll wheel) to make it a 1 step process. One of the habits I use most frequently now that I’m working on computers most days :slight_smile:

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Thanks Alex - you’re a STAR! So glad that you can confirm what I have experienced :slight_smile: I’m a moderator on the RGT FB pages and regularly recommend TD for workout creation :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thanks Jeremy :slight_smile: I use Firefox and the right click on the 3 dots doesn’t bring up a menu. Clicking the scroll wheel brings up the vertical chevrons for scrolling up and down <> so that isn’t offering a menu either. The same happens in Microsoft Edge.

BOTHER!! :wink: I’ve just lokked at your screen shot properly and see where you are clicking!!! (Fools rush in) :wink: So thank you! I can now open in a new Tab - ooops :wink: . Strange how that doesn’t happen for the 3 dots at the top right of the individual workout in the list :slight_smile:

Cool Tim great to hear. You should convince the RTG team to do a direct integration with us or us with them so we can push workouts directly there and make it it all the easier for folks.

I have passed this on :wink:

Thanks Alex!
If I remove a workout created by me from a custom group (Remove from ‘group name’) , it appears back in Favourites.
‘My Creations - Unlisted’ remains empty. Is that different from the way you described it? Am I misunderstanding?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Something strange just happened! I started sequentially removing workouts from my Custom Group and stopped to check part way through, that they were moving to Favourites - which they were. I then continued to delete them from my Custom Group and then deleted the Custom Group.
I then found that some of the workouts had gone to FAvourites and some had gone to ‘My Creations - Unlisted’ Is thee a design reason for that? :slight_smile:

I’ve just tried right click/middle mouse on a workout title as shown in the first screenshot, but there is no option to edit it from the second screenshot overview (which is what I wanted to do). It is the editing in a new tab that is key to me :slight_smile: Thanks.

It only moves to my creations if it was not in another list. I just tested all this and it works like it should as far as I can tell, so you must have had it in both favorites and your custom list. Workouts can be in two lists at the same time. I do want to improve how this list management works as it is not a straight foward as I would like it. I am an expert so it is ok but for new people it can be confusing.

Can I also ask if it would be possible for the Sort field to be remembered? So for example I find my workouts alphabetically but have to set sort A-Z each time I open the group.
PLEASE DON’T TAKE ANY OF MY QUESTIONS AS COMPLAINTS OR CRITICISMS !!! I Love TrainerDay and may just be using it incorrectly :wink: Thanks so much for all of your help Alex :slight_smile:

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Another good idea. Normally these each need a different request a few of these I want to do I will do these. I see another but. Edit is missing on the details page. We just launched this new version of these pages and so it got missed. This will be fixed today.

You can see I have some special featues “Admin Edit and make it private :)”

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I will get remember list and remember sort done soon on my library page.

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As I said before - you are a STAR Alex - thank you so much for your help and for the super friendly response! :slight_smile:
I’ll be doing more editing over the next few days :slight_smile: I will keep any other questions separate from this one :wink:

Cool, and I love to have users of TrainerDay as friendly as you… :slight_smile: We have a good group here. People are very helpful and supportive. It’s the most fun thing I have ever done.

My developer happened to be doing something here so he fixed this bug real fast. Won’t help you now but just FYI