MQTT Client support

Hi Alex,
I have a bit specific request. While riding with Zwift I can trigger home automation thanks to Zwift Sensor Component - Feedback and Testers Needed - Development - Home Assistant Community - so basically when I start a workout it adjusts lights in my basement and after certain period of time powers up a fan with on low speed. Later based on power/hr it can change the fan speed and when workout ends it changes light settings back and stops the fan after few minutes. Don’t need to touch anything, everything is fully automated triggered from a workout.
So if you could add mqtt protocol (publish to topic only) to the app it would be great!

I like it! I have been wanting to do this for several years. I’ve looked at many options and even considered building a device using nRF development board to accept ANT+ signals from anything in the room and output MQTT over Wi-Fi to interface with HomeAssistant (maybe via NodeRed). I can’t program so never got past the idea stage, though I do now have several nRF development boards in a box!

Yea, an ANT+ proxy would be great. But still mqtt or any api interface in TD would be nice. Because I like automated lights and fan in my basement, so I switched back to Zwift (and canceled TD subscription) as it works nicely with HA.

Edit: uhm Raspberry Pi Ant+ - …looks promising.