Multiple user profiles

My wife and I both use the same stationary bike, with TrainerDay. It would be nice to be able to have two user profiles on an account so we can quickly switch between them.

I know that it is possible to log out of one account in the app and log into the other; it just adds some extra friction. I realize this would not be a small thing to implement.

This might not be as bad as it sounds. Let me think on this.

I bought 2 subscriptions, adding probably a 3rd one soon. But indeed, a “zwift like” switch account function would be nice. Now you need to completely log out. But it’s workable :slight_smile:

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Wow a 3rd!!! :slight_smile: Cool. Ok this is great. I love to have two people asking that helps. Let me ask my developer. I think this won’t be so hard.


I am buying a second subscription for my wife soon, the capability of fast switching accounts will be ideal since we only want to have one tablet dedicated to this.

Ok, cool. Great to see. Three votes is getting pretty serious :slight_smile: I just asked my developer how much work this is.