My Plan workout issues

Hi, I have just joined Trainer Day and am in my 2nd week of Coach Jacks plan for me but I just have a couple of questions which are baffling me.

The first is the calendar, I have my plan loaded up and when it was created by Coach Jack I put my planned days off which I have down as a week holiday and my working shift pattern where I would have no time to carry out a ride. In My Calendar it has my off days but the order of the workouts are completely different to what was planned by Coach Jack, do I change the order of my workouts to what is in My Plan on the days requested by Coach Jack or stick to the workouts that it states in My Calendar?

My second issue is I have work outs assigned on certain days, but for Outside only workout I have 2 and sometimes even 3. The total time for these days is sometimes 4 hrs, is this correct or do I just choose which workout I want of the 2 or 3 options I have for that day?

Many thanks in advance

Hi Rich, sorry you are having some issues.

Can you send screenshot of what you mean about workouts changed. I don’t understand this.

You should edit your plan (you can do this on top right on calendar) and turn off indoor long rides and you will not have multiple workouts per day.

Hi Alex, Thanks for getting back to me. I have unticked longer rides indoors and that has solved my multiple work outs in 1 day issue. However regarding My Plan and calendar not following correctly please see below:

It has each week worked out with 3 workouts accordingly. It doesn’t have my planned rest days on it, which is fine, but when I select the work out from Coach Jack on left hand column, then select the workout I want, it brings up the work out which includes my planned rest days, but the order the work outs appear are different to the original My Plan

For example, week 2 on Coach Jack Calendar has me doing HIIT A #2, which is correct according to My Plan, then it has my days off and the next 2 work outs are outside rides, then Sweet Spot A #2. This work out according to My Plan should be after HIIT A #2 but before outside ride. Then on the Coach Jack Calendar it has me doing another outside ride. The order in which Coach Jack Calendar has me set up to do a ride is a completely different order to each week of My Plan

Oh now I understand… we need to make this more clear. Days off are only for use on our calendar. If you send this to our calendar (directly from coach jack) it will have the days off. My plans is design for a generic “reusable” plan. Not something with a specific start date and end date. Are you trying to use this plan on another platform? We have not really thought about this case.

I use it with Zwift, and that side I can’t fault. I sent the plan to My Calendar direct from Coach Jack and unfortunately it doesn’t tally up with Coach Jack Calendar, as in the planned days off aren’t there. I can work around the issue, but it is a bit confusing.
Many thanks for your help

So are you downloading ZWO files for zwift? You can also use our TrainingPeaks sync feature so it shows up in Zwift each day automatically. Are you saying our calendar looks wrong too? Can you send me that screenshot?

Yes, I am downloading ZWO files. I have seen you can use TrainingPeaks to sync, but I don’t have a TrainingPeaks account and would only be getting account purely to sync with your app. I am saying that the calenday also looks wrong, tallys up with MyPlan and not CoachJack Calendar. When I created the plan with Coach Jack i clicked to add to my calendar, and this is the next 2 months. There should be planned rest days from 13th Sept - 20th Sept

Ok, yes sorry, I found the bug. You must select a specific event date at the end right now to use days off feature. If you select “weeks” it won’t work. We will get this fixed soon.

This will put a taper at the end of your plan but other than that it will be the same as without the event date. You can make it one week longer and ignore the last week. Or wait for us to get this fixed.

ok thank you, i’ll look at that. Can I also just say, so far I’m super impressed with your customer service, you have dealt with my issue very professionally and promptly. Thank you again for all the effort you have gone to

Thanks for the compliment. I am just so grateful to be able to do what I love.