New App Version Today (2.0.3 Android 2.0.2 iOS) - Sat Jun 5, 2021

This was supposed to take 2-weeks and took 2-months. We are so happy to get this out. Now we can start to move to some new features such as an automated ramp test.


  • Training tab converted to pop-up providing new design, larger components and much better usability
  • Added cadence targets
  • Added Title to training tab (Quick start)
  • Added laps/intervals to TCX file, Strava and Dropbox
  • Improved FTMS connections (Elite and JetBlack trainers should work great now)
  • Improved “Today’s” workout from Intervals.ICU
  • Fixed some library image caching problems (now we need to improve performance)
  • Added German, French and Italian
  • Visual improvements to tablet landscape
  • Lots of other small improvements and bug fixes

I’m using TrainerDay exclusively now. It is just getting better. Really happy about the development of the app. Big thanks.

Everything seems to work well in this new version. :smiley:
It just took a little while for me to get used to the few changes on the training screen.
Keep it up, well done.

Cool glad to hear. Thanks for the feedback and compliments.

Great! I will try out the ramp test soon!

@Alex: Could you imagine to do an Ask Me Anything sometime?
I would be interested! Don’t know how big the TrainerDay community is actually.

We don’t have it yet. Should be in a few weeks.

Oliver, TrainerDay has over 20,000 registered users. The app has about 5,000-6,000 regular users (more regular in winter obviously). This forum group is small. I don’t think most users come here for my training advice but a few do or appreicate it slighly… :slight_smile:

So if you mean “ask me anything” regarding training advice like TR does I don’t see that happening ever, although I have a group of coaches that provide amazing instights at the highest level. Maybe someday when the core team grows.

As much as I appreciate it, I see a few problems with the TR approach. Offering generic advice to a beginner vs a 4+/watt/kg rider does not make sense to me. I think most advice needs to be highly taylored to the individual which at this point means self-coaching/learning or getting a coach.

Obviously many people love that format. Nate, Chad and the team are good at it. Because it is not individualized I think it often is not helping enough. Meaning Coach Chad says lots of great things but so far to date many people that use TR overtrain or burnout even though much of his verbal advice offers good training principals.

We are working on something that you could compare to TR Adaptive training but a 100% different approach and totally focused on a different audience. I would call it more super simplified for the performance cycling enthusiasts and beginners instead of Xert and TR’s primary focus on racers and/or deep technical (Xert). This will be 100% individualized suggestions.

I am not sure if that provided any insight :).

This updated version does not load properly on a tablet as it did with the last version. The tiles containing time, heart rate and power readings don’t size properly to fit inside the tiles.

Oh sorry about that, I think we forgot to test andoid tablet. We focused on phones and iPad. We will fix this asap.

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Ok this is fixed and should be available later today when Google approves it.

Nice, looking good now