NEW BUG: Android RPM bug (Fixed in "tomorrow's" release)

Seems some power meters show RPM=0. Assioma’s and 4iii crank arm show 0 RPM for example.

We found the problem and creating new build. Will prbably take until tomorrow to be out.

I’m not on Paranoid Android…

Sorry I should say and for beta users of IOS. My developer already fixed the bug and I am going to test shortly and start the deployment process.

Deploying to Google and Apple now should be available in beta Android today and Android and iOS production tomorrow including all of 1.6.4 items for iOS

Used TrainerDay yesterday for the first time with a Wahoo Kickr Snap. I’m on iOS 14.2. Power meter also showed RPM=0.

In your app, I can’t find to let the user know what version of your app is loaded (downloaded it on 12/8/20).

In Android, long press the start icon and choose App Info.
Don’t know about IOS.

Sorry we are stuck in some endless review process with google. We will deploy never version and hope they will approve this one quickly. They changed some rules for the play store.

Sorry if I remember correctly, the Kickr snap does not have cadence? You might need a cadence sensor. I might be wrong but I remember something like this.