New Coach Jack Plan Questions

Been using the app for a little while and totally forgot about the Coach Jack feature until yesterday. I’m super impressed with the flexibility of it, especially since I’m really time crunched with a toddler at home.

That leads to my first question: Since my schedule is kind of all over the place it’s not terribly uncommon for me to have to shorten some planned rides or be surprised when I get a chance to go ride my bike outside for longer than planned. Is there a ‘workout alternates’ equivalent? (Yes, I’m a TR convert). Not sure if just using the ‘Today’ screen on the app to choose a different workout that’s the length I want is the way to go or not?

The only other question is that I was a little confused about adding the plan to my calendar after creating it. When creating the plan I entered my A race (which happens to be 16 weeks from now), and a couple C races. When I added the plan to my calendar it doesn’t include those races (although it did keep gaps in training for those events). Also I noticed it was suggesting I start my plan next week, which makes sense I suppose except then week 16 would’ve been the week after my A event. Just wondering if I messed something up there since all the dates made sense in the plan builder but seems like maybe something got a little lost in translation when moving it over to my calendar?

Just copying my email response to you here as well.

By default we put the primary work at the beginning of the workout, so to shorten just do the workout and stop when you feel like. We are generally of the belief that in general there is no 1:1 swap by changing time. Other platforms and some coaches feel you can swap different workouts with similar TSS or stress but there are many experts that have shown this is not true. It’s fairly easy to illustrate. Sometimes intensity can be swapped for duration but it’s complicated and hit or miss when it will work. Short term at best.

We like dynamic training by feel so to lengthen a workout I would learn how to do 1 of three things in our app.

  1. Turn on auto extend in the settings and optionally to slope more and ride by feel
  2. unlock the + button and learn how to design a few intervals real fast, what ever sounds fun

That’s kind of three suggestions. :slight_smile: