New design is live. More coming

This should make it feel simpler and is paving the way for lots of nice improvements coming soon to make it simpler and more enjoyable to use.


Notice I called it FTP/kg. Since w/kg must include time I felt this was more clear. Does everyone disagree with me? :slight_smile: Also I know, I now have to add a seperate box for bike weight than rider weight since we are showing this…

Watts/kg needs time, as it is your momentary power divided by your weight.

I know I can’t push 20 Watts/kg for very long, if at all

However, FTP-wise, Watts/kg is just fine. But, if you feel FTP/kg makes more sense, by all means :sunglasses:

I am computer geek so I over analyze stuff. What is the simplest to understand. I think w/kg looks more familiar and friendly but since it does not include time in this instance it is less accurate but since you see FTP and weight maybe it’s clear.

I think w/kg is more familiar, but FTP/kg is probably more understood for those not already familiar with cycling training. I have no problem with FTP/kg. Think it makes more sense anyways because the question with w/kg is always “Watts per what?
2 things I noticed: I’ve never seen someone interested in their FTP/lbs, only kg strangely enough. When I saw FTP/lbs I had no idea what to compare it to. Secondly, It seems like the calculation is including the bike as well. Normally w/kg is only rider weight. I wonder how difficult it would be to have separate entries for the rider and bicycle weight (combining the two for speed calculation, and using just the rider weight for w/kg display).

Thanks for feedback, yes I will split rider and bike soon.

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Watts/kg is only really relevant when climbing. It’s probably the most looked at number, but other than that, the guy with the higher FTP will go faster.

As such, you only look at FTP and Watts/kg respectively.

I don’t see the added value of a FTP/kg metric, but like I said: by all means.

You mean our site does not need FTP/kg or w/kg at the top? I kind of agree with this. I remember now I was brain storming ideas when I gave this to the designer and I was planning on changing it, I just thought it looked nice to have something that was “mine” at the top. Now that I look farther I forgot that TrainerRoad has exactly this same thing. Crap… I don’t like copying them… I liked lots of their ideas but I prefer to think on my own about what do users actually need. Oops…

For me, it doesn’t add anything, FTP and Weight are fine, maybe Threshold HR if you want to fill the space.

Speaking of design: I got confused when I wanted to look at a workout done. You cannot, but I’m used to the three vertical dots actually opening an action menu.

In fact, you have to swipe left, only to be able to share the tcx file, which is zipped for reasons I do not understand.

I’d like to see the workout details when I click on it, like Tacx does.

It’s zipped because Android doest not support .tcx extension and we have the same code for Android and Apple. Yes we are working on details, we will get ride of the three dots when we add details and put sharing on the details page.

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A yes, Android :rofl:

It’s too bad TR has this, I wasn’t aware of that. I really like the w/kg and being able to see it somewhere. I know it’s not the most important value, but a lot of cyclists I know enjoy and appreciate seeing it change overtime. Some of the cyclists coming from other platforms will be used to seeing it as well and might wonder where it is on TrainerDay. N=1 for me, but it is something I look for

I will consider adding it back but because we currently track rider+bike in one metric then FTP/kg is not the same as every where else. For now I added threshold HR as @Cyclopaat suggested. TR has very strong UX and good ideas but I prefer to not just completely copy them even if their idea is good. Rider and bike looks bad when you see weight here too so we need to fix this soon… or just enter y our weight and your speed/distance will be slightly better… :slight_smile: Our ground without maps is .5% gradient so not super affected but still affected much more than flat.


Sorry but cannot seem to find that page in the website. Can you pls point me towards it so I can update. Thanks

@dmascardo18 It’s the Workouts and Plans page.