New Feature Requests for Coach Jack

One opinion, I think there should be an option to select which day we prefer to do the recovery.
I say this because it is usually on Sunday that most people end up doing a big day, and usually on the street with a group of friends or alone.
What happens is that in my opinion the recovery should start on Monday, active recovery, where you should rotate your legs and clean up :wink:
Over many years, I realized that Tuesday should be passive recovery, that is, absolute rest,
this I have learned over the years and after devouring many books.
I also know that there is no single and definitive formula, but I would love to be able to select my rest days, passive/active and Coach Jack in my experience always puts the rest on Thursday, Which in my opinion is an unusual day, but as I say my opinion.

That’s interesting and I highly value your opinion. Let me look at that. With Jack’s rules that might be complex. I see your point. Meaning Jack always starts the plan on Monday, but essentially you are talking about starting your training week on Saturday or Sunday (in the way jack has rules) meaning in many riders cases Saturday and Sunday are a big days and if you want to ride Monday too then Monday should be a recovery ride. Let me ask Coach Andrea too how he would handle this or has another way to make it simpler to make Jack’s rules work but put the priority of the week over the priority of a Monday week start.

It’s good I should have asked if there were any other changes anyone wanted to CJ. I will move this to a new thread request.

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