New - Indoor / Outdoor Mode for workouts

I know for many Northerner’s doing outdoor features makes less sense right now :slight_smile: but we just launched a next step in improving outdoor workouts. We created a method of converting indoor workouts to outdoors. One cool part of this is you can view the difference between the two. Mostly the goal is to simplify outdoor workouts but give the same primary training effect. You can see an example below.

This will only be on the workout details page for now but maybe we will allow doing it on search in the future if people want this.


This is available now.


Hi Alex, I tried this feature but I have a doubt about its way of working, I have a plan with many base Z2 workouts but with all of them when I convert from indoor to outdoor, result is way far different:


stress and intensity score really doesn’t match like in your example.
Is this a bug?

I would say we need to improve this, yes this is not a good conversion. It’s new feature so it will take a little while to get all the possibilities perfect

Just want to say that now if you click to show outdoor workout, you cannot go back


If you click again nothing happens and all workouts now are shown as outdoor if you go into workout details

Yes, I have this problem as well. I clicked on “outdoor workout” and now all my workouts are outdoor. Also I can’t go back!

Hi Alex, I have the same problem as pentavalle, below. I clicked on “outdoor workout” and now all my workouts are stuck as outdoor and I can’t go back…

Sorry guys this will be fixed very shortly.

This is fixed. Sorry about that. Dumb bug that was not tested good enough…


Thanks a lot Alex!

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Hi Alex,
which of the two bug’s are fixed? The issue with the conversion which ins’t possible to change back, the topic when you convert that the dominant zones are different or both.
I think I still have this wrong conversion for the dominant zones, for power and hr-zones

Thank you

We have not fixed the dominant zone issue yet. Just fixed the issue that you could not switch back and forth. Zones are kind of funny meaning they don’t exactly make sense (I could explain if needed) but at the same time the conversion is not ideal as it should be closer to the same tss/zone than it is. TSS also does not exactly make sense (another long story) but still it should be improved regardless.

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