New Release Features V 1.6.4 + 1.6.6

I’m in the same situation :thinking::thinking:

No updates yet for Android yet here in Asia.

Sorry Google denied update, they have some new rules, so we have to make an update to the app.

I realize I made a mistake in a an answer to a question they had about background locatiion services and resubitted and maybe they will approve faster. We still have to change how this works or they won’t approve it after Jan 18th.

New ios update now

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Used TrainerDay yesterday for the first time with a Wahoo Kickr Snap. I’m on iOS 14.2.

Had Power Smoothing 3s turned on. Unless I’m misunderstanding the functionality, the power jumped around pretty constantly; i.e. no evidence of smoothing.

No in the app so don’t know which version I’m running.

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This is still not available in Android. It should be the next couple days. Google Play store made some change and screwed up their review process and slowed it down.

I noticed power smoothing this morning (I didn’t even realise the app had updated) - very welcome, thank you. It’s reassuring to know that the app is actively developed, it re-assures me that i made the right choice with trainerday. I also noticed the workout is on a map! :slight_smile:

Thanks John. Yes my primary app developer is getting married and on vacation so going slow for a few weeks but back in business after that :slight_smile: We have a new version ready to release now too.