New Release Features V 1.6.4 + 1.6.6

Power Match - Enables your trainer to align to your power meter
Power Line Smoothing - In settings turn on Power 3s
Allow disabling Auto-Pause/Auto-Start in settings
Merge workout warning message to reduce confusion

BugFix: Android Only - When BLE device was connected directly to phone
BugFix: For Wahoo trainers in Free-Ride mode press + - was erratic
BugFix: Timer display issue for workouts greater than 100minutes
BugFix: Android, background mode stopped timer

Many small bug fixes

See the new settings below


Christmas coming early​:santa::christmas_tree:

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Not available on Android yet. Hoping to give it a shot later this afternoon.

Can’t wait as well :grin:

Should be there now for both iOS(beta uses only have 1.6.6 with small bug fix) and Android for everyone

Will wait for Android/Ios to update their system this side of the world. :grin:

I’m on 1.6.2 via TestFlight, but the official release is now 1.6.4 - I’m not getting 1.6.6 yet…

New release still not here in Asia as of the moment.
Hey Alex, what’s the latest Android version?

Sorry I was wrong. Still waiting on approval

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Dennis, what is interesting is the production version got approved before the beta version. When you get the latest it should be 1.6.6. You could leave the beta and install the production version I think, or just wait until Google approves it. IOS is not out yet either.

The new beta just became available :sunglasses:

I did see as well the test flight email for ios. I’ll try out ios later this morning

Ios update done. Excited to try this later :grin:

What is this for? Don’t exactly follow the use case here

If you have a separate power-meter on your bike, chances are high, that this power-meter will have different power-readings compared to your smart-trainer. If for example your power-meter has an output of 230 watts your smart-trainer could have an output of 260 watts. This difference between the two devices is called offset and the offset in this example is 30 watts.

Power-Match tries to neutralise this offset by using the power-meter’s readings to control your smart-trainer. This way you will get consistent power readings from your power meter both indoors and outdoors.

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I’m still not able to get any version higher than on Android here in Belgium. Quit Beta program, uninstalled TD app, then installed release 1.5.14 and rejoined Beta which updates to
I was hoping do use 1.6.4 or 1.6.6.

Usually Google is way faster than iOS. This time they lost it… see below

Hi Alex,

Tried the latest version via Ios. Looks like you finally nailed it, zero issues and the 3 sec smoothing was perfect.

Great to hear we have new one coming out soon :slight_smile: This version you have still has the problem @Jeremy first reported that when he stops pedalling the offset can shoot up, the only difference is this one we limited that to a maximum of 50w, the new version it should be more like 5w-10w off at most when starting pedalling before it settles down to the right target again.

Oh yes, the power did shoot up if I stop and start but was not a biggie for today’s ride.