Official word from Garmin on activities

Pushing workouts from our site works great but activites hmm, different story…

We are not accepting any new requests (partners) to push activites to GC…

I knew this was going to be the answer but felt I better ask. This person is the primary training API support person and she is really great. Too bad Garmin is making these decisions. Strava seems to be taking similar path. We need a new middle man that is open but big enough to get the big boys to talk to them.

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I did get one more response that we are on the list, if this decsion is changed :slight_smile:

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There aren’t any.

As I mentioned elsewhere, not even their own Tacx TDA app is pushing workouts to GC.

Strava has other priorities and other possible partners already teamed up.

With little success increasing their leverage.


Time to create a new, more open strava perhaps?? Maybe I should chuck my job in and do that instead.(semi-sarcastic)

Yes it’s needed. If these guys could get some great designers, improve UX and get some other direct integrations they could be it not social but is a good data hub.

I will repeat what I’ve said multiple times: you, and BigRingVR can make it happen. David would have to make his platform stand alone though and perhaps Tapiriik can fill in the hub function for those who need multiple services connected.

That latter part is defying the idea of becoming a separate entity, but that may actually never happen anyway.

Plus, people have preferences, like head units (Wahoo, Garmin, Stages, Panasonic, etc) and trainers, or just “need” Strava, lest their ride “never happened”, or they grave the segment functionality.

Finally, you can connect your Tacx (account) to Garmin.

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By chance, do you have any news on that topic ?

Or maybe a way around this issue, maybe through a third party (it seems that Tapiriik is no longer allowed to upload activities on GC either)

I would be very happy to be able to automatically sync my activities on GC without having to upload them manually (like with Strava).

Thank you in advance

I know it is painful… I don’t know if there is a place users can submit request to for Garmin but I think they are going to take a while to approve this if they ever do. They are not thinking very well but taking the easy route which is if they only way to get data in is via a garmin app or device then they promote their eco system. Also users could use GC without owning a Garmin device. But still they should implement this a different way.

I just sent them another email asking if their is any news on this.

This was the second response today as I did not write a good expination the first time. So no it’s not happening anytime soon.


I just asked Garmin customer service about this. Step by step we might be able to get things moving if many people ask the same thing. If the community grows enough they won’t be able to ignore it.

By the way I wanted to thank you for the work you do with TrainerDay which is a great platform that satisfies all my expectations for a much lower price than the competitors. I shall be subscribing very soon.

P.S.: if you are looking for a native French speaker to translate the platform I would be glad to help.

Thank for the compliments and I would love to have French translation. I will send you a personal message. That is so great.

How did you contact Garmin? We should post it here so people can do it.

Here is the link : Garmin Connect™ | Garmin Support

I should get an answer within 3 to 5 business days. I’ll keep you informed.

does this change things regarding uploading activities to Garmin Connect?


Garmin allows other apps to update Training Status

Garmin Connect now accepts direct data uploads from third-party apps, including Zwift, and will update your Training Status accordingly.

Garmin’s Training Status is an overview of your training habits over time, and is a metric that attempts to quantify how your training is progressing.

The data pulled into your account will now automatically count towards your Training Status, so you’ll have a more insightful picture of your fitness, as well as get suggestions for recovery time, and also types of workouts to do in successive training sessions to continue fitness gains.

Metrics included in the calculations are VO2 max, heat- and altitude acclimatization, and more. A heart rate monitor and power meter are required for advanced data calculations and analysis. Garmin indicates that activity load data — from a Zwift ride, for instance — will be visible in your Training Status reports, but it will not be visible in your activity details.

This feature is available for the Edge 530, Edge 830, and Edge 1030 bike computers as well as a range of wearable devices including late-model Fenix and ForeRunner series.

Interesting. I don’t see that article but I saw this one before but that does not help us. Do you have the link?