On demand split/merge of long rides


I made a 8 week plan with coach Jack and I set my long outdoor rides in the weekend.
the problem is that sometimes the weather is just very bad, so I was wondering if I can convert a long outdoor ride to multiple shorter indoor rides on the day itself?

I only get the option to copy the training as it is made by coach Jack.

Any idea how/if this is possible?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Tony, we are working on this but it’s part of more of a dynamic method of training so it will take a while. If you are using our app to train indoors then breaking it into two pieces is kind of easy.

  1. Start the workout. Finish when you get to your desired stopping point. Change the + to 5minutes by holding it down and extend a portion of the workout that is easy for a cool down. Then stop. The simplest is just to leave the workout there and come back to it later. Even if you kill the app it will remember it.
  2. If you want to save the first one, then just stop and save. Repeat the same workout. Do the warmup, then press the next button until you get back to where you finished the previous time.

I know this is not optimum but once you get used to this it is very easy. If you are using a different app for training then it is not really possible at this time. I would say the secondary work which by default is at the end, is more of an endurance portion so even if using zwift, you could just do a non-ERG ride for the duration and try not to go too fast :slight_smile:


Hi Alex,
Nice to hear this feature is on the todo list.

The workaround is not optimum but doable.
And i’m sure that with the summer ahead, the need to train indoors will diminish.

Thx for the fast reply!

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