On the Fly Power Adjustments (Finer Adjustments)

I really like the on the fly power adjustments feature. Sometimes I’m not having the best day or I’m having a really good day, it’s nice to be able to manually scale the power up or down.

However, the problem is that 10% is a really huge change and I find it gets too hard or too easy with each adjustment. I was wondering if we can do finer adjustments like 2.5% or 5%? Anything smaller would require too many button presses. Maybe others can chime in on which adjustment would work best for them.

Thank you.

Go to settings this is adjustable :slight_smile:


Brilliant! Thanks!

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Great, I had also found the 10% drop was a bit more than needed, so now I know it is down to 3% which I can always double.

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