Option to disable Outdoor workout automatic "conversion"

Request: Create an option to turn on/off the automatic workout conversion between Indoor and Outdoor.

I would like to be able to use the workouts I create in TrainerDay on my Suunto watch when I ride outdoors (I do this by sending the workout to Intervals.icu and then it shows up in my SuuntoPlus Guides). Workouts only show up in my SunntoPlus Guides if they are marked in Intervals (and therefore in TD) as “Outdoor”. However, when I convert to Outdoor in TD it changes the workout from what I want to actually complete. For example, I like Hard Start vo2max intervals, but when I convert that workout the outdoor, it smooths out the entire 5 minute interval, getting rid of the hard start.

So far, the interface and integrations with TD have been great and I appreciate the work going into this app. Thanks!

Ok interesting. So as far as I know when we send it to intervals we don’t send indoor vs outdoor so why not just keep it as indoor? Just trying to fully understand.

So when I click “Send To” from a workout page and send it to Intervals ICU, one of the drop downs is “Indoor” vs “Outdoor” on TD. I tried both and on intervals they appear respectively as either an indoor or outdoor workout. I did as you suggested and just sent it as indoor so that I could keep the specifics of the workout the same; however, it then reads in Intervals as in indoor workout, which then uses indoor (vs outdoor, you can set both) FTP and also calculates different load for indoor vs outdoor workouts apparently.

In my particular case, I did not end up sending the workout from Intervals to the device I recorded my workout on (still figuring out connection stuff), so I just uploaded an activity that was outdoor and Intervals used the correct FTP etc. But, I think if I wanted to send that workout from Intervals to a device and it was set as Indoor, it may use different power zones etc during the ride even if I were riding outdoor.

I realize maybe I am a corner case here, but wanted to bring it up to see if it was relatively easy to just keep workout as is when changing to “outdoor”.