Ordering of activities in each category

While I have a variety of workouts in each list / category on my Android app, I typically have a few that I use most often in each category. I would like to re-order the workouts in each list from first to last so that the commonly used workouts are at the top of the list. Unfortunately, right now it’s not even clear to me how adding activities - whether custom private ones or public and popular ones - from the web app stacks them in the Android app on a per-list basis! I apologize if this feature exists somewhere and I can’t find it. Thanks!!

I hate to say it but it’s not clear to me either. I also really want this feature. There is another request to sort by added date. I am going to try to prioritize both of these right away. Great request!!!

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I don’t know if this is the actual design, but I am thinking the website you can just drag them up and down.

And on the website you set the sort order for the app like this.

I feel this nice to have features are harder to add to the app and keep the app simple and app development is more expensive so that is why I am proposing to add it to the website. If I was a better designer and we had more money then adding to the app probably makes more sense.

Thanks, Alex!! I definitely don’t see any issue with it only existing on the web app and any control would be great!

Hi Alex!

I’d still very much like to see this feature implemented in any of the ways you suggested on the web page. I’d be happy if the arrangement on the app even matched the order on the web so I could work with what I’ve got! Cheers! :grinning: