Our new power smoothing slider (out ~June 27th-28th)

So if tend to like 3-4s smoothing you might want to try 6-7s as they are similar but different. 7 is the same as our previous 3s switch.

Hi, is this available in the Android app. I currently can see only the power smoothing checkbox, but even with it turned on the power is drifting a lot and a bit hard to follow consistent power.

Can you send a screenshot of when you are working out? Seems like I need to do another kind of smoothing for this to make it more powerful :slight_smile:

In the app, you have three dots on the graph, they indicate the degree of magnification. Each time you tap on the graph, the zoom changes. At high magnification (first dot) the graph oscillates nicely around the set power, and every 10 minutes it smooths out as if it were glued to a segment.

This is what we are trying to figure out. One of our very part-time testers has mentioned this but has not described it as clearly as you here. This should not happen it should always be smooth. We need to figure out how to reproduce and fix this.

Wait if you are on the first dot to the left that is the 5 minute view. Is this what you mean? Or you mean full workout view is every 10 minutes? I think you mean on the full view.

Nevermind, I figured out how to duplicate this :slight_smile: Thanks for pointing this out.

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Yes, I’m on the dot to the left that is the 5 minute view. This is when you can see this smoothing best. Tomorrow I’m going to do a test and record the moment when the refresh takes place after 10 minutes.

Yes, I am capable of getting jagged lines in the 10 minute view (middle dot) and then put it to background and back to foreground and it is magically smooth. For sure there is some issue here :slight_smile:

Alex, Is that what it looks like for you? :slightly_smiling_face:

Exactly, left is smoothed (after coming from background) and from 10m on is not.

Hi, I have actually recorded a few videos but cannot upload here. I was observing it pretty carefully during the last workout. What I noticed is that this graph smoothing happened probably three times through the whole workout. Here I captured the last one Screenshot_2023-12-07-17-56-32-632_trainerday.turbo|690x310
But it actually happened after the graph was drawn. So it is drawn initially as it is recorded with all the oscillations and at some point it smooths out.

But what actually is bothering me much more is the power number shown in the box - Is it possible this to be set to 3s, or 5s power? Because when trying to hold specific power it easily jumps 10-15 watts up or down from the target wattage and makes it harder to hold specific power.

It’s the same problem. The power number in the box should have the same smoothing applied to it as the graph, which should be smoothing in real-time (not every once in a while). We will have this fixed soon, hopefully the next few days or week but for sure the next 2 weeks.


Hi, are there any updates on this?

I said for sure 2-weeks… That did not factor in my developer getting sick. Sorry, it should really be available next week.

Thanks, sorry didn’t want to sound pushy. This is just something that I will be very happy when fixed. Will wait as much as needed :slight_smile:

No you sounded fine. It’s just if I say for sure 2 weeks, I feel guilty if I don’t live up to it. I have to more careful saying stuff like that :slight_smile:

Ok, we found the problem!!! Not sure when it will be in production but should be next week for sure :slight_smile: There I did it again…

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Hi again and happy new year! I guess some changes have been done already because in my workout yesterday the behavior was quite different. What happens now is that the line is pretty smooth all the time, which is working pretty good when holding steady power for longer intervals. The problem comes when there are big changes in power (for example start or end of interval) that it takes about 20 seconds to display the real power. Here you can see a few screenshots I made:

In both cases immediately after the interval starts or ends line and watt number drops/increases slowly for about 20 seconds until the real power is reached.

Yes, it is going a bit slower than I wanted (power changes). We are going to allow turning it off. You can read here but we also need to improve it which we will do soon.