Our New Training Calendar Feature is Available

You can read about it here.

Right now it only makes sense to use with our mobile training app but soon it will make sense for other platform users as well. You can read the upcoming features list on the bottom of that page linked above. Thanks for everyones thoughts. As I mentioned before I really want to keep this simple and if people want to use advanced calendars I think both IntervalsICU and TrainingPeaks are great options.

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This is really nice. TrainerDay goes from clarity to clarity.
Thank you.

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Thanks - this looks great - but I’m a wee bit confused. I use intervals.icu heavily. I have a CJ plan as a starting point but in practice, I tend to alter the workouts both due to real life schedule interruptions and to substitute other activities - eg a rowing or running workout swap.

I’m not sure I understand how option #4 works in this regard. Right now, I sent several weeks of my CJ plan to intervals, and then I’ve been adjusting it there. What would be the advantage of choosing a different option that the default?


That is a great question :slight_smile: it also requires more thought. I can see direct user benefits of syncing to TP and Garmin as it distributes workouts to your end platform or device. In the case of intervals and multi-sport that seems more difficult to offer a great value at least not until Jack is multi-sport which is probably more than a year away. Maybe if you explain your workflow more or maybe if you have ideas that might help me think of how we could benefit the intervals users. If you prefer 1:1 communication we can. Either here direct message or support@trainerday.com

Hi Alex - I’ll DM you so everyone else doesn’t have to read endless info from me.

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I enabled this the other day after reading the blog just to see the functionality, even though I’m currently following a Coach Jack plan and to date have just moved workouts around on intervals.icu.

I must have got distracted by something as I left it on and hadn’t sent my plan to my calendar.

The next morning I went to do a workout, I opened the mobile app and got confused that my next planned workout wasn’t there. I used the dropdown and verified I was on my CJ plan and hit refresh, no change. No workouts showing.

I then remembered that I had enabled the calendar option, opened my laptop, went to TD on the web and turned ‘my calendar’ off in the mobile app and turned my plan back to ‘in mobile app’.

A quick refresh of the app and all was well again.

There was an element of user error here, but it was a bit confusing that my CJ plan didn’t appear at all in the mobile app.

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Yes I agree, there is a great chance of confusion with so many options in our app as to how to get your plan. If you are using Intervals WOD then you need to make sure that is checked in rider settings. We will improve this and figure out how to make this super clear as I am 100% sure other people will be confused as well. If restarting the app fixed it then pressing the refresh button in the app should have fixed it too, but still we need to improve the in app experience, and ideally if there is no plan is selected (or an empty calendar) let you set it right inside the app.

Just to clarify, I didn’t restart the app. It was solved by a refresh in app, but only after I had turned ‘in mobile app’ back on via the web.

Oh yes, that’s how it works but your point is still valid that it is not clear how it works.

No worries, just didn’t want to send you down a rabbit hole! :joy:

I didn’t know I could enable Intervals.icu WOD and have its calendar linked to the app. This is a great feature.

I’m guessing the Trainer Day ‘internal’ calendar is for people who want to only use the app to manage everything.

So now I’m confused again about the new calendar options. Are the WOD options incoming or outgoing? If I enable TP WOD - does TD pull the workout from TP, or does it push it to TP? (Same for intervals). Since a major advantage of TD is to create plans and workouts - not sure why I would want to pull them IN to TD.

Can I create a CJ plan and keep it synced it with intervals calendar - either directly from the plan itself - or by sending it the calendar in TD? I know I can send directly to intervals - but that doesn’t remain linked. And unfortunately, if I change it and send again, I just get duplicates in Intervals. (TD lets you remove the whole plan from the calendar - but I don’t think I can do that in Intervals).

Finally - if I update my FTP - can I refresh an existing plan, or do I need to create a new one? (Within the plan it says %FTP - so it shouldn’t matter - but I thought I read in other forum discussions that TD sends actual watts - not % FTP).

Sorry- thought I understood all this but realized I don’t.


I have just touched on the automatic options of distrobution here. I did not include the manual file options which I know is part of your current workflow.

Once we have sync to TP set up you will likely want option #5 with the addition of Intervals. So the struggle with this is then you must maintain a calendar in two places. Since we can’t distribute Intervals workouts to TP we need to consider what is the best compromise.

Option #1
Make sure CJ/TrainerDay calendar (cycling only) is up to date on Sunday and push a week to Intervals and keep your other types of workouts in intervals. This gets you out of file based indoor worktous.

Option #2
Keep using Intervals the way you are but give up on the idea of simple CJ plan edits and of automatic file distrobution.

WOD is only a feature of gettting TP or Intervals calendars inside our training app.

This is a great breakdown of all the options.

I assume #5 would only work with a TrainingPeak Premium subscriptions.

Actually the plan is to make #5 work with TP free account as well but still if you want to manage your TSS / TSB in advance you will need to use Intervals or TP premium.

This is super helpful. (But I’ll probably need to read through it a few times. :slight_smile: ).
Thanks Alex!

Cool. Now my guess is this would be the perfect workflow for you below. Also for many users that want to edit CJ plans and want affordable analytics and to do workouts in other platforms zwift/rouvy/rgt…

I had been thinking about this green option and not sure I am going to do it yet unless there is enough demand. But this allows managing a single calendar (especially if we add other sports which we do plan to add)

It looks complex but once turned on it should be simple to manage. I am going to avoid doing analytics tools in TrainerDay at all costs :slight_smile: That consumes a lot of time and I feel their are other great options. Our analytics will be just for Jack to keep making better decisons.


This would be awesome indeed, especially the green boxes! :slight_smile:
Am I correct that the label “TP Premium” only applies to TP analytics? That is, TP Sync to Zwift and similar platforms would work with TP Free? (Via WOD I guess?)

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Yes TP sync can sync todays workout with TP free.