Paired but not connected (resolved)

Hi Alex, I don’t know what has triggered my problem but my power meter (4iii) is paired but is not getting connected to the app. The battery in the power meter is new and it is connecting to my Garmin Fenix without issues. What could be the problem? :thinking:


I have a flight trainer from 4iiii. I connect it to my garmin via ant+ and use Bluetooth for trainer day. Not sure how many channels your power meter has. But if it only has one then the garmin got it and your phone cannot share it.

Oh. I did not see that it paired. Not really sure then. It does happen to my polar h10 strap. I have to remove it and reconnect it to finally pair.

Alex, this is the bug I have bean reporting on iOS with the SB20 smart bike since February. To fix, I unpair, the re-add the device. It now connects. If I have multiple-devices in the paired but not connected state, I unpair the devices, and then re-add one at a time, waiting fo each to connect before adding the next. If I re-add too fast, TrainerDay hangs and stop listening to iOS screen gestures.

Here’s a YouTube video from back in March showing the bug:

Thanks, hopefully I can inspire you to work with Grigory to try to get this fixed as it only affects a small number of devices and none of ours.

Ok, I’m happy to report that the issue has resolved itself after the latest update

Oh great :slight_smile: I did not know we fixed this… or not on purpose. Super cool though.