Please add a confirm when I discard a workout

Another one from Daniel, he accidentally lost a workout which we all know is painful. One other user told me he did this. I even did it once in the beginning.

Really annoying that all your training data is lost after 1 wrong tap on the screen.

Oh no. So sorry. I will get this prioritized asap. Again so sorry.

Ok new build coming today will have confirm discard message. Sorry again.

Wow I’m so glad this was implemented! I thought I discarded a workout because the UI moves as I go to tap the name to rename it from the default ‘warmup’. I googled how to recover a discarded workout and found this thread.

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We will review this moving thing… I never noticed this.

Ok thanks. It moves when the keyboard is brought up. So could be platform specific, I’ve got an iPhone 13. And the discarded button is ever so close to the workout name textbox. In any case, perhaps discarded workouts can go onto a discarded pile which keeps them for 30 days. The same way photos are kept in Google Photos and the Apple Photos app. Would be a lot to implement but I almost had a heart attack when I thought I discarded the workout :sob:

My developer loves this idea :slight_smile: He was ready to start working on it today :slight_smile: I said slow down a little. You have other priorities but I agree. I know how incredibly frustrating it is to lose a workout, especially a long one so we will try to do this sooner than later. As I said he is super excited about it and I let these guys do a bit of what they like doing. So I would get rid of the “Are you sure?” And just give a message. This workout is in your trash, which you can then find on the history tab. It stays in trash for 30 days then just disappears.

Great that he likes the idea and that you have such motivated developers :slight_smile: As a software engineer myself I believe that it’s an important quality to have :slight_smile:

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