Please add a workout rewind button

It’s great that I can skip forward to the next interval in a workout, but sometimes I’d like to be able to go back to the beginning of the current interval, or rewind back to previous intervals.

What’s the use case?

  • Sometimes I need a little more rest - the work part of the interval starts, but I’m not ready to go. I want to rewind back to the rest part of the interval, spin for a minute, then skip forward to the hard part.
  • I get interrupted in the middle of an interval and I want to start the interval over from the beginning.
  • The workout wasn’t hard enough and I want to repeat the last couple of intervals.
  • I hit the skip forward button too many times.

I could accomplish all of these be using the awesome merge workout feature, but then I would have to skip forward to the desired interval which is a little clunky.

Maybe a back button to the left of the forward button wouldn’t clutter up the interface, would be intuitive to use, and not much effort to implement.

Thanks for reading!

I’d love this, as I have run into just about all the use cases you mentioned.

I’ve currently been re-merging the workout and then skipping through until I get where I need to be, but a rewind would help solve it

Yes I wanted to add “rewind” in the beginning but I thought it was a bit complicated… more than skip forward. I agree this is a great feature. Thank you so much for the detailed explination why. I both cases are perfect.

Now that we are father a long I am less affraid of this. We are working on a new UI design for the training tab that will provide a little more room so I will try to incorporate this. I would guess it will still be a month before it is ready though. I also need to make sure it is not too hard to accomplsih. I will update here as I know more but seems possible.