Please add Ant+ support (COMPLETED)

I have had many users ask for this

Color me stupid, but why Ant+? My phone - nor my tablet for that matter - doesn’t even have it and apparently some Android phones support it, but some of them don’t, or you need an adapter. But they also support BLE natively anyway.

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I will add more here. But Ant+ is for people with Samsung phones and older Garmin HR monitors and some other devices. It seems their are a fair amount of people in this category. Also many people have BLE issues on Android so this appears to be more stable.

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That’s turning the world upside down. I can see how in some scenarios BLE might be less stable - apparently it is, but I’ve never experienced it - but the reports on failing Ant+ connection on (newer) Androids are drowning the BLE ones.

If you have an Ant+ only device, then yeah, you probably have a phone or tablet to match :sunglasses:

I really would rather not do Ant+ as I think it will take a bunch of time. But I really feel part of our target audience has less money and so upgrading to BLE might not be a good option for them. I am passionate about this group. I know some will keep using free solutions. I am also passionate about the frugal riders as well as very importantly the self-coached riders that don’t feel the get the value from the other “coach assisted” platforms.

I appreciate the “less money” and who am I to judge whether or not that is true for anyone. Fact is, that most people being remotely serious about (indoor) cycling, which is the prime reason you have even made this app, are not necessarily short on cash.

That is not to say they should waste it - if it ain’t broke don’t fix or replace it. But I had a Tacx 10 years ago that did both Bluetooth and Ant+ - Tacx TTS only did Ant+ but these days, the Tacx desktop app does only BLE (they reluctantly added some Ant+ support afterwards).

But, if people realy rely on Ant+ only, go ahead and add support for it - it’s your app :rofl:

There are a lot of guys on $300 trainers and I know they don’t have a ton of money so upgrading HRM is not desirable, and wheel-on trainers need cadence sensors so Ant+ cadence sensor… I think most people have BLE trainers from what I can see but many of those trainers don’t support FTMS which is required by our app (or Neo or Wahoo). And think of the cyclists that are finacially affected by COVID… Really I don’t want to support it but I do want to support these people.

What or how about speed from power? There’s not a lot you can do about Ant+ HRM’s, as people may actually still have those.

Maybe put out a poll…

I’ve put ANT+ in the “Nice To Have” section because of compatibility reasons as Alex mentions. For me personally it isn’t that much of a deal, because I always record the session on my Bike computer which has ANT+. ANT+ has some advantages on Power recording like R/L values which are as far as I know not available on BLE. For the time being, I’m perfectly happy with BLE only. I don’t even know if these R/L Power values can be recorded in a TCX. It may require FIT format.

Sorry I am saying cadence, not speed. Yes we create speed and distance from w/kg only.

We all know that Ant + connections work better, less errors, errors and incorrect reading spikes, in other words, the future may even be BLE, but currently and from what I see Ant + is still the top one.
Then we talked a lot and often wrong, any Bluetooth BLE-enabled device works with Ant + sensors, not just Samsungs, more than 90% of any device.
In what way?? easy just buy a USB OTG cable and put a USB Ant + adapter, which almost everyone has at least those who have been here for many good years.
I bought a Huawei Mediapad T5 about 15 days ago for exclusive use on Trainerday, I have sensors of both technologies, and I started using it in BLE, but there were some minor flaws, I gave up and bought the OTG cable and started using the sensors Ant + and honestly everything seems to work even better.
And as already mentioned here, many people have sensors from the time when everything was Ant +, they end up doing equipment upgrades but they don’t spend money on sensors, they use what they have … Just because of this I think it makes sense to be developed Ant + Connections

I think you are mixing up things. Trainerday has no support for ANT+ as of now.

No I’m not, like I said, if you buy a “OTG” cable and USB Ant+ dongle you can use Ant+ sensors without any problem in any type of tablet or smartphone that don’t have Ant+ technology

I think he is referring to the the historical discussions that Ant+ has been more stable.

I think BLE is getting better on Android and what I have learned is the app creators need to keep improving their code to make it more stable. Standards are not really standards so it takes a while to get code that is good on all devices. I think Ant+ has problems too especially buying external adapters. Still we will do it.

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I guess my point is with Ant+ is if you have to buy equipment to use our app, you are not saving as much money by using our app :slight_smile:

Yeah, that Ant+ adapter was cool on my iPhone 3G back in 2010…

Like that iPone, I do not have anything - in- or outdoor sports related - stuff from that time.

And while I often read that Ant+ is more reliable - and it may well be - I have had zero problems with Bluetooth. At least the last couple of years.

The only cool thing about Ant+ is that you can hook up the signal to more than one receiver.

But, I appreciate and acknowledge that there are those who still do have their golden oldies in use :sunglasses:

I moved this all to a new Ant + topic

@samoramobile I still don’t get it … With an OTG cable and ANT+ sensor you can use ANT sensors on an app that does support ANT+ but I don’t see how that works with Trainerday App because it only supports BLE sensors.
While googling around I found this: (only IoS though)
Here it is clear, this is a bidirectional BLE-ANT+ “translator”. Pricing is very reasonable (about the price of a simple HR or Spd/cad sensor) and it is supposed to support 5 concurrent sensors. So if you have multiple ANT+ only sensors, this might be a solution. If only one sensor, it’s probably better to buy a new one with both technologies. If you have a ANT+ only trainer, this should be a money saver.
@Alex If this thing works as well as they say, and a Android version becomes available, ANT+ development on the app will probably be way less important.

Yes I have two of these CABLE sensors they work perfectly. One problem is you must have an iOS device to configure this CABLE device but after configured it works fine with Android. Also if you have to spend $50 to make TrainerDay work for you, you are much less likely to see the value.