Please add spin down/calibration to your app

Requested by DHRestrepo - It would be nice i we could calibrate the trainers within the app.


Alex’s reply:
I will think about this one. I don’t know much about this spin down process. I do know one other user requested it as well.

Bran Lan’s reply:
+1 to this, kind of annoying having to pair to the Wahoo app to do a spindown, then switch back to TrainerDay.

Alex’s reply:
I understand Bran, we will add this, right now we are busy getting it so more people can use the app (for example Ant+ users) but we definitely want to do this just might take a little while. Sorry about that. We are small and trying to keep the costs down so we can have the lowest price app, so things go a bit slower.

Luckily, I have a Neo 2T :sunglasses:

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Me too, and a Wahoo, and a Tacx flux, and a … and a … all for testing.

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I got my wife a Flux first, but I returned that poc and got her a Neo too…

I can fully relate, different world.

Okay, maybe I didn’t found it in the app, but since every other training app has this option to calibrate your set and asks for it on the first run, I would ask if it is somewhere buried in “options -> advanced -> more advanced -> even more advanced -> admin stuff”?. I mean, I suspect, it was either forgotten or omitted because the calibration really does nothing nowhere but since company X has it, company Y does the same?

I moved this to the original request.

Out of all the big apps, we are the smallest, newest and cheapest. Those factors mean we leave out some of the “extras” especially when their is a work around which is using your manufactures calibration app. I would like to add this at some point in time as I know it improves the experience a lot for wheel on trainers.

Thank you for your great work! Keep on keeping on :slight_smile:

This was my suggestion as I am a newbie here but have seen this functionality in every other training app and it seemed to very important to do it there.

I love the the part about being wallet-friendly :heart_eyes:

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Just want to mention, I would like to see this feature, too.

I’m also missing this feature