Please Add Strava Activities to the Calendar

Ok you can now see strava activites in our calendar and you can pair them with a planned session.


It’s nice to be able to track workout completion in the calendar. However, I’ve found that it’s only possible to pair with the latest Strava activity from that day - e.g., when doing the workout in the morning and commuting by bike, the app tries to pair the workout with my return in the evening.
I also tried to re-order the Strava activities or dragging the workout onto the correct activity (a popup on the drop event would be convenient, there) to no avail.

…now I noticed that this is in the “Started” category :man_facepalming: - my apologies.

No, this is great feedback. Yes this is just launched and we launch bit by bit until it works well. I will have my developer look at this.

Ok this is fixed, now you can choose which activity you want to pair.

Well, that was fast! Indeed, it’s working now.

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I am marketing this as completed but the plan is when you pair a workout we are going to start overlaying the power, hr, cadence on top of the planned workout and do the same on the activities page.