Please add Sync Calendar with


I just subbed to Trainerday as I like the Coach Jack approach and I’m all in on … but I thought I could sync the plans jack creates easily with Intervals … but I don’t see an option to sync the calendar like I see with Garmin or Trainningpeaks …

As for “working” out it’s fine … I use TP for getting workouts into Rouvy etc. - but I like to see my calendar also in Intervals to see how I did - and right now - if I’m not mistaken I have to add them manually.


We don’t have sync to intervals, others have asked for this too. If you push the plan to my plans you can send it to intervals but then you lose the benefit of simple changes using the CJ UI. We would like to add this feature.

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Would sure be nice … I thought of the “export plan” option - but I really like the option to change my mind … as I’m just trying out the program :slight_smile:

To be honest … I wouldn’t need a sync into the future … if TrainerDay would just push the workout of the current day to Intervals it would be fine. This way only the current valid workout would get over there and no real syncing would be needed … and it would replicate what I’m doing right now - just saving the one click :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick response

That’s interesting. Why do you need just today’s workout there?

I will try to explain my flow right now … I thing it’s not that unique :slight_smile:

TrainerDay (to plan and create workouts) > Sync to Trainingpeaks Free > Train on Rouvy / Fulgaz / Outdoor Hammerhead Karoo 2 > Sync Activity to Strava (my central HUB for all activities) > Sync to Intervals (to analyze)

Since the workouts are already pushed to TP I can just start my rides … when I then want to dig deeper in intervals I would like to see the workout, but I don’t care for the plan, as thats what TrainerDay is for :slight_smile:

I see, so you mean there is advantage in intervals to have both the planned workout and the completed workout? Can you explain why? I like your workflow, you are really maximizing our vision of an open platform.

I started with workouts outside as soon as I bought power pedals. Intervals shows me the % of adherence to the workout if you have a planned workout for the day.

Indoors you are always close, but outside it’s more important … and you plans include outside rides :slight_smile:

Also in the detail view you can see how your intervals compare to the actual workouts.

I attached a screenshot to show the values.

Oh, oudoors, yes I have heard of guys that still ride outdoors :slight_smile: I really want to continue to improve our outdoor experience so yes, this makes total sense. I want to do this sync anyway so this is a good reason to try to move it up in priority. I would still say we can’t start it for probably 60-days or more but I will see what I can do.