Please add the ability to allow setting Strava activities as private (NOT POSSIBLE)

It would be fantastic when TrainerDay syncs (pushes) activities to Strava that the privacy control could be set to “Only You” so that my followers don’t get flooded with all my TrainerDay activities.

Perhaps this could be an option in the TrainerDay settings. Something like: “Set default Strava privacy for TrainerDay activities: [Everyone] / [Followers] / [Only You]”

Hopefully that makes sense?

Interesting. So you like to share outdoor but not indoor? I would rather add a checkbox on the save dialog box so people could decide on each workout. I do lots of tests I don’t want to share.

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Yes, that’s exactly it (because I still want my virtual rides to count toward my Strava stats, I just don’t want them to be public like my outdoor activities).

The option to choose at the end of each workout would be even better :+1:

Do you think it’s possible?

So far only you and I want it as far as I know, so I would say yes I think we should do this but since it is low demand it’s more something we will do if we have a bit of free time so not sure when. Sorry wish I could prioritize it sooner because as I said, I would really like this.

Actually you know what. As a simple solution, I like your original request. :slight_smile: We could add a setting like this which would actually totally work for me, and seems to fit your critical need for now.

Let me think about this but we could probably do this soon. If you don’t hear anything from me on this in the next 2 weeks you can ping me again and I will have a better idea of when this can be done.

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Oh no. You can read this thread but it appears Strava removed the ability for external apps to set workouts to private and have no plans to allow this.

Maybe Zwift, TrainerRoad and/or Garmin have some special permissions if they have this feature.

@Alex Thank you so much for taking the time to look into this for me (us :slight_smile: ). Such a shame Strava removed the functionality. It would be interesting to know what their reasoning is/was because after reading quite a number of forums it appears to actually be quite a high-demand request.

If Strava ever reinstates the privacy field in their API please could you add the functionality to TrainerDay :slight_smile:

Yes, Strava is a bit strange, meaning you write their support and they won’t give you any reasonable answer. I think generally they try to keep certain features for their internal benefit or getting partners that give them big money to get these features. Both Garmin and Strava struggle with putting the customer first from my perspective. Now in Strava’s case most of their customers are free, so limiting how much you can do for free is understandable. But a case like this could be a strava premium only feature. Lack of imagination on their part I guess.

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