Please allow supporting multiple events (i.e. races)

@gomeskiller had mentioned that he would like multiple events so I am creating new feature request. I know this is important for any dedicated racers and many other users as well.

Generally we have base>build>peak and the typicaly scenario would be to add one more block base>build>peak>race where race is over a period of weeks or months that goes from one race to the next. Now part of the complexity here is that really races could be spread through out other parts of the season. Like if your primary A race is base>build>peak> A-RACE. then ideally you would do a earlier season race (maybe early peak) race as a “preperation race.” Just to get your body ready for the A-Race.

I think of a user says he has his A-race (or primary event if it is not a race) on June 1st, Coach Jack could ask the user to look for a May 1st prep-race and if they have one build both in. Then the race block is fairly straight forward but needs a lot of pattern chances to correctly prepare for each race. Also it might be that you start your race block but your A-race is not your first race.

So none of this is that hard the complex part is trying to make it fit within the frame work we have and not making it too complex to use. I also would like to see how many requests for this we get to see how soon to prioritize it.

For now maybe a simple solution is for us to allow a user just to create a race block after he has finished his base>build>peak>event period. So he you have 5 events in this case you just create 5 little race blocks. It’s a bit painful but if it still gives a good seasonal plan it would be ok from my perspective. Let me know if that is a reasonable solution for now for you @gomeskiller.

Yes Alex looks good to me. Because today I was doing my training on the roller thinking about this. At the end of the training plan in March 03, because I have a 3-day mountain bike race. And on the next weekends I always have a test or btt and road. It’s going to be a busy month. When starting a new plan, will Coach Jack see what’s behind? I will explain. Test that ends on March 06th and test on the 13th does he fall to do the indicated plan? After March 27th I only have a test on April 10th, will he plan effectively?
But your idea that you send me is great and it looks like the guys here will gladly accept it.
Any questions or concerns that might help, please let me know.

I don’t know how soon this will be done, hopefully in time for March. Regarding seeing history, I don’t think Jack will look at history for this but will allow you to add a race block to an existing plan. Something like this below.

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I don’t understand what you mean about “test” do you mean race?

sorry it’s not a test but from one race to another race

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yes, the format you want to apply seems very good to me

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Alex finds it difficult to implement what I told you a while ago. Does Coach Jack analyze the workouts and advise the best for the day ahead like Xert and the trainnerroad do?

Only when creating a plan but in the future Jack will adjust on daily basis, like TR and Xert (but different). Yes this is big project.