Please bring more of the web features to the mobile app

There are a few things I constantly wish I could do from within the app:

  • Workout details: From the workout detail page within the app, I’d like to be able to tap on an interval to see the duration/power target/etc. like the mouseover popup on the website. I think this functionality used to exist, but somehow got lost in one of the updates.

  • Browse and search full workout library (with internet connection)

  • Edit workouts within the app: doesn’t have to be in a slick mobile format for now; it could simply be the same interface as the website. Or even a link to directly open the workout in the mobile browser edit/save, and re-sync in the app.

Hi, you are right!!! We changed from web view to mobile view for details which is much faster but we lost the click to see the intervals. We will add this back.

#2 You can search all workouts now in the app, do you mean review without searching?

#3 Is the only thing you personally want is to change target power or duration of intervals? Just currious. We would probably add a link to the web site because it is a lot simpler. Just trying to understand your workflow and desires.

I would primarily want to be able to change/add slope changes as most workouts in the library don’t have them. I’d also like to be able to add additional sets or reps and change the duration of the work/rest intervals.

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Can you explain? I am a bit confused on this. You can clone any workout you want and add slopes to it. And you can press ± in the app to change the slopes if you turn off ERG.