Please show activity calendar that shows TD app + Strava + Planned workouts

Hi there,
is any featrue planed to re-import the ridden files from Strava?
I appreciated this from Trainer-Road very much for a better overview.
best, Chris

Hello Chris, can you explain what you mean? Meaning if you delete a workout from strava you would like to re-push it to strava again? We are working on the activity history now for the web site so we could consider it once we have that.

If you are talking about your past rides before you connected to Strava, we have a feature now to do that. On the apps and settings page it should say “Sync un-synced activites” or something like that.

Also you can download the workout from the app (without speed and distance) and upload it or sync to dropbox or TrainingPeaks and upload to Strava (if you want speed and distance).

Hi Alex, thanks 4 the fast response. I’m coming from TR and I appreciated the featrue to have all ridden and planed rides in one overview (calender or something else).
The feature “Sync un-synced activites” sounds like that, unfortunaetely I can’t find it in the app or online.

Sorry for not being more clear, if the system thinks there are some missing it will show up on apps and devices right here (see below). If you don’t see this option but you are missing some workouts from “before you connected to strava” then let me know. If you deleted workout from Strava then we don’t know it is missing so this button won’t appear.

I’m not quite sure if u understood me right. Therefore pls find attached this screeny:

I just want to see the planed and ridden workouts indoor and outdoor…

You are right I am very confused :slight_smile: Didn’t you just provide a screenshot of TrainerRoad? So you want to see a calendar like the TR one inside of TrainerDay? We are working on that. It won’t show planned workouts but it will show your activity history. , it also won’t show Strava data right now but we plan to in the near future. We are launching just the App activities in the next week or so.

Exacly :slight_smile: I want to see an overview of ridden and planed workouts, linke in TrainerRoad. With this planning and retrospective is very simple and clear what I did and what I have to do.
Therefore it would be necessary to implemend strava-files. why isn’t that planned :-/?

Ok I finally fully understand!!! :slight_smile: So I guess in strava you can see all of your existing activites now. Both TD + other stuff. So I am avoiding calendar planning functions right now as that will turn into a large amount of work (I have experienced this in the past) and our main goal here is to keep the price as low as possible. You can accomplish this now by sending your training plan to TrainingPeaks and using our WOD feature. You can see both completed and planned in TrainingPeaks. I know TP is a bit expensive if that is all you are using it for. I would like to do a similar integration with Intervals.ICU. Send your plan to and then you can do your WOD (workout of the day from intervals) inside our training app. This way the heavy metrics and calendar app solutions can do that for the people that really want it.

Does that make more sense? I am considering or planning on adding strava rides to our NEW activity feed (coming next week) but not your planned workouts.