Pls re-set previous % in/decrease to zero

I’d like to make a feature request, apologies if it exists already and it’s just my phone.
In a workout we have the option to increase or decrease the target by a given percentage. I frequently add 10-30% (erg power, added manually, on screen live at the time) at the end a session as find the warmdowns a little too spinning otherwise. What I didn’t spot today was that it continues at +10% for my next workout (different day). Darn near killed me till I spotted it 24 minutes in (was doing 36 mins threshold).
Please could it re-set to 100% automatically after each workout is ended? Thank you. And thank you for the app.

That’s a good request, yes we can do that right away. Thanks for the thanks :slight_smile:

Wow Alex, the TD service levels are quite simply extraordinary. Thank you. I don’t get this sort of response from my own children. When they are in the same room.

I’m considering a yearly subscription and have to say that these sort of replies make it highly likely. One Q regarding that - you only quote in USD I think, so is it just converted from the USD charge on our credit card by our own bank at the bank’s own (no doubt appalling) exchange rate (I’m in the UK)? Don’t worry, not a question for you probably, only mentioning as you might have come across it.

I have twin 9-year old boys and when they are talking no one else exists so I understand that one perfectly. I would say my wife would say I don’t respond so well either :slight_smile: I have a good friend that is a fortune 50 CEO, and he is the best listener I have ever met. I asked him if his wife feels he is a good listener and he said NO :slight_smile:

Yes, your bank will do the conversion. Love to have you yearly and you will get prorated if you bought previously from our site. If you bought in the app, it’s better to cancel and wait until it ends or the day before it ends or something.