Possibility to create workouts with absolute watt

I want to be able to create workouts based on absolute watts. So that when I change my ftp that the watts of the workout does not change.

This is helpfull e.g. for ramp up tests.

When you create a workout, press “more options” and choose “Watts” instead of “FTP %”.

He and I discussed this via email. It still is based on FTP % so when his FTP changes in our app the watts will change. I asked him to create feature request, but thanks for helping :slight_smile:

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OK. Didn’t know that. :innocent:

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I realized also a better solution for a ramp test with fixed watts AT THIS TIME is doing it like this.

  1. Set your FTP correctly (or close, for example instead of 196 maybe 200) in our web app
  2. Create a ramp test based on specific watts and save it as Ramp Test 200W
  3. Load that in the web app and always set your FTP to 200W before the test

Even when your FTP improves it will be accurately reflected. Eventually when you get to a higher level like 210W create a new ramp test for 210w.

Just curious, why is the ramp test protocol typically consist of one-minute steps? Would it be better to use a continuous range?

Here’s a ramp test that goes from 45% to 175% - Trainer Day - Workout: Continuous ramp

I like it because the resistance increases smoothly, and I don’t feel like I’m hitting that wall at 130%.

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I think it partially comes from tradition. The ramp test originated from labs with running and spin bikes. I don’t see any reason you can’t use continuous, I have experimented with lots of different ramp variants, 10-second ramps, 30-seconds… 10w jumps 25w jumps… All produced similar results. Since most tests just get you in the ball park, what becomes more important than accuracy is consistency. I am sure (from my testing) a ramp is just as consistent as steps. I was testing my Humon SMO2 meter to see if somehing worked better but all the different tests were similar.

Some trainers don’t work as well with a ramps so that might be another reason. I personally prefer steps to ramps.